Tuesday, January 17, 2017

What's Chalk... What's Not... II

The piano played the strings,

      A guitar's light infinite house striding in the dark, As a prayer's last remaining finger scraped like vengeance upon vocal drifting silently into nothing's alive noise chords, As if they'd been hiding behind threats, No legitimate love evoked wording one until the aftermath entitled noose has stuck, Celebrated nothing better than infinite 'payer drunkenness worship' like the ignorant magnitude of hopeless world did as she was dying to live past the end...!

In lieu of harboring the fugitive,
Captivating bleakness...!

Monday, January 16, 2017

What's Chalk... What's Not... I

The piano played the guitar,

      As a prayer  upon vocal hybrid mistaken victim identity chords, Hiding behind time chalk consuming threats no officer desired to relive nor witness, Breath drained until her very last gasp under a post script transcribed diction of events irrelevant to what actually happened: She's recorded as screaming in silence into the aftermath's noose or so the report reads...

In lieu of,
Hiding behind comfort,
As those we love,

Sunday, January 15, 2017

White Venom Widow

Because I never forget
Everyone has an imprint, a legacy
Thriving in the depths of my memory

On a wall & seemingly invisible,

      Hiding in the closet out of view, Leeching nothing but life from a derelict hope unwanted few, Lost beyond attempt of being renewed, But the Spyder ever deadly will not unto darkness submit, Despite the appearance of a charred black obsidian spite never broke its tomb, This widow will soon be as sinister as new, Residing underneath the wings of your sheets, Gliding as an angelic vampire beneath the sheets as we sleep... Just out of view of the silent funeral for us all.

In lieu of,
The inevitable

Whatever comes to pass
I still miss you friend! x

Saturday, January 14, 2017

The 'White' One...

Jesus rarely wept,

     Like Cthulhu's multiple obsidian ink clouds of deteriorating rain, Intolerantly falling as a hymn for the karma missing upon those who strive by prayer ever vigilant in their pacivity desiring to fly... But unwilling to lift a make illegitimate belief wish to serve anything other than a warrant for their invisible prejudice.

In lieu of our,
Participation in...

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Persistent itch,

     Unmeant to scratch, At the skin's annotations simple nothings are crawling but the imagination's afflicted capacity, Mediocracy is the web in which we live. A fundamental alignment of wingless subservience to vampire ruling in the autocratic dark, Their mere echoes afflict our unmistakably bowed by the duress of homage to an unforgivable silent G-d; Bones, By which we make our discouraged means to unfortunately live... A point of infinite view to which we prescribe.

In lieu of...
Participating in: 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

White widow,

      Multiple strain of existences lost to the naked view of a single un-imaginary eyed dredge male spider's reflected masculinities in a mentally clairvoyant ill broken by a remnant's holocaust future dark choices... The mirror's drowning hope for anything better than a quarantined lifetime image; This is... Until the revolution or death amidst her drowning.

      Will she devour the hybrid false tangent of hope threaded with death's typical inhumane slut labelled in darkness behind her back: Secret demon grovelling for another infatuated single instance of deviancy at her feet... Or submit endlessly to that which consumes: The desire to strive above: To fight, The definition by which stabilises all yet unto each their own infinite structure of woes is given.

In lieu of...
Men crawling into caves,

Friday, January 6, 2017

Too escape the fate...

     Unwholesome black unlight hell landscape late to be let in... The violence has suffocated wrung the life from under your fallen skin, Whatever there was in resistance to win; is but the definition of lost in death.

In lieu of...
Discovery a new Heaven & a new G-d.